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Field Trips

Bellvue Dome_surface_crop

Fort Collins Area Field Trips

Stop A: Bellvue overlook at top of Bingham Hill. There is an overlook and and an interpretative sign that explains the beautiful vista to the west and north.
Stop B Bellvue Dome, a geologic structure formed by the bending of sedimentary rocks due to tectonic forces that created the Rocky Mountains. The dome’s appearance is partly due to the asymmetric nature of the fold and the erosive action of the Poudre River along the dome’s eastern flank. Locals refer to this as Goat Hill. Photo courtesy Neil Sherrod
Stop C Well Gulch in Lory State Park. A short hike (less

than 1/4 mile) up the ravine takes us to a rock outcropfeaturing 1.7 billion year old metamorphic rocks. We hike about 30 feet through low shrubs and loose river rock to get to the outcrop  Stop D Shoreline Trail. We drive to the south end, park and then walk a 1 mile roundtrip flat terrain trail that follows just above the west shore of Horsetooth Reservoir. We visit sedimentary outcrops of sandstone belonging to the Fountain and Ingleside Formations- approximately 300 million years old.Great views of “strike” valleys & ridges.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 11.00.30 PMView Fly-Over Tour of Field Trip

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